Actress Anjali’s Producer Rejected 50 Scripts! Cinema News


Anjali has recently signed a horror thriller titled ‘O’ with a new producer Ajay Panicker. The producer says he rejected 50 scripts before signed in director Praveen. “We had earlier produced a film and wanted our second outing to be something exceptional. We had to come across the narrations of more than 50 scripts. Finally, we felt ‘O’ has all the ingredients that will make it a wholesome film. Moreover, it’s going to be a perfect Horror-thriller without comedy quotients. More than anything, what ‘O’ would deliver is the fact that every audience will relate themselves closely to the script for the premise of this film will reflect everyone’s lives in one way or the other. When Praveen narrated the script, it was a movie watching experience rather than hearing it. It involved lots of Goosebumps”, said the producer Ajay Panicker.

Talking about Anjali, Ajay said “Well, her uttermost dedication, beauteous looks and ability to suit the role of girl to next door befittingly suitable to this role and script”.


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