It Is Difficult To Predict What Audiences Like, Says Actress Nivetha Pethuraj Cinema News

It is difficult to predict what audiences like, says Actress Nivetha Pethuraj

Ahead of the release of her third film Tik Tik Tik on June 22, actress Nivetha Pethuraj says that it is difficult to predict audience’s likes and dislikes and so takes up projects which keep her content and happy 

Nivetha Pethuraj, who had a flying start to her career with the success of Oru Naal Koothu, went on to become a popular name across Tamil and Telugu industries in a quick span of time. 
“Though I have done a couple of films in both these languages, people still talk about Oru Naal Koothu. I’m glad that the film was able to provide the launchpad I was looking for in the industry. My second Tamil film Podhuvaga En Manasu Thangam was again different. It had a rustic backdrop and my third Tik Tik Tik will be in total contrast to the previous two. Also, this is the first film that I haven’t watched before its release because I haven’t dubbed,” she begins. 

Despite spending most of her life in the United Arab Emirates, the actress is one of the very few heroines who speaks Tamil well. She tells us the reason behind not dubbing for the film. “I was in Fiji shooting for Party and couldn’t allocate dates for dubbing. And then it was followed by the 50-day industry strike. Had I known that it would take some time to release, I would have been more than happy to dub for my portions,” she adds. Nivetha elaborates about her role in Tik Tik Tik, which is touted to be India’s first space film. She will be seen playing the role of a Lieutenant, who is on a mission to stop an asteroid from hitting the earth. 

“Shakthi Soundararajan narrated a one-liner to me. Having watched his films, I know this film too would be experimental and yet strike a chord with the audience. Also, I didn’t have to look for any references for my role. But then, the film was physically challenging. We were injured quite frequently. However, we didn’t complain and went ahead with the shoot. We made frequent visits to the eye hospital for check-up and then joined the sets. At some point in time, we got used to it and laughed it off.” 

Looking back at the last 18 months, we ask if she had been planning her career in such a way so that the graph stays high and she tells us that it has always been the other way around. 
“I am someone, who cannot foresee a commercial aspect of a film. If I am convinced with the script, I go ahead and sign the film. Meanwhile, the audience’s mindset keeps changing, so we cannot predict what works with them and what doesn’t. That is why I sign film without consulting my parents or my close friends. I do things that make me happy.” 

The actress also has Venkat Prabhu’s Party, which will be released later this year and is shooting for Vijay Antony’s Thimiru Pudichavan, in which she plays a cop. “I have performed stunts in Thimiru Pudichavan as well and have a lot to talk about the film ahead of the release,” she concludes. 


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